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where and when

For those of you wondering where and when and what. Here is a little bit of my intinerary as well as a some information on the residency program and centre.



March 31. Brisbane - Dubai - London

April 1. Land in London

April 2. London - Helsinki - 2 hour train to Tampere where I will be picked up by one of the coordinators of the program. I will get to go to grocery store then we will start our drive to the ARTELES CREATIVE CENTER in Hämeenkryö .

April 3. Residency is opened by our mentor and facilitator for the month Dr. Margi Brown Ash

April 3-30. Residency program (read a bit more about the residency below)

April 30-4 May. Not too sure yet..

4 May. Start my travels back to Australia


About the residency program:

NEW COURSE. Guided Residency

Embodying the rituals of your practice

New Course is a guided residency program for the personal growth of artists, performers and creative professionals. Through new collaborative methods and with professional guidance, including one-to-one support from the instructor, the program is designed to expand and enhance artists’ creative practice, routines and way of being.

New Course is led by Dr Margi Brown Ash, a professional collaborative creative coach, therapist and mentor, helping enrich people’s lives through art-making, performance and creative writing. She is also an award-winning performer/playwright, devisor/director & researcher/lecturer.

The program has emerged from a decade of Margi’s research exploring how artists can create a life of vibrancy and joyful discovery despite the considerable difficulties faced in our chaotic world.


As for myself and daily life....

We have been given an idea of our daily life but for now I will keep that for myself.

I have no intentions or expectations of myself while I am at this residency.

I am out of words for now... lack of sleep, nerves, lots to do before leaving and just the emotions of leaving and entering a life so unknown. But I guess if these last several years of life have taught me anything it is that I am highly adaptable to change.


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