• Courtney Cook

I have a lot to learn...

I often imagine what life was like before travel books and the internet. When someone wanted to go to a place they have never been, would it be through word of mouth and others experiences that they would learn about this far off land?

Well, I am for the most part going to Finland with just the knowledge of others. That is.. Finnish are incredibly happy and smart, that it is COLD, expensive, they love saunas. I haven't done much research other than checking out a book that I quickly returned as I actually found it difficult to read, dyslexic, but also it was just too much information.

I am excited about going somewhere with little knowledge. I have 4 1/2 weeks to submerge myself in their life and culture as well as the life and culture of the other artists I will be with.

Before I get there I will learn how to say a few words, but other than that... I want to go in with the innocence and naiveness of a child traveling with their parents or of those that travelled before the days of internet and the lonely planet books!

Does anyone else travel this way?