• Courtney Cook

Hei (hello in Finnish)

5 days... 6 hours...20 minute and approx 20 seconds until I will be departing for my trip to Finland.

I have started a blog for several reasons. One of them being that many have told me to start one as apparently I write well and they enjoy my ramblings and insights and often find themselves relating to what I write. (All are hard for me to believe) The other reason being that while at the residency we will only have access to internet in a room designated for computer and internet usage. Therefor this will be my way of keeping those who are interested or have asked for updates in touch. I am amazed at what the idea of going without 24/7 access to internet is actually evoking for me. I like to think its is purely because I am a mother of a young child and would like to be able to stay connected to her however lets be honest, although I am teaching her how to email as that is how we will stay intouch, many of us, including myself, are heavily dependent on our phones, internet and social media in some capacity. Something I have been noticing more of lately. Which is hard when a lot of work is done through internet and social media now a day. Anyways, I look forward to seeing what 29 days without this luxury of internet at our fingertips will do to not only my art practice but my way of exisiting in everyday life and if I will be able to continue it when I return to reality of life.

I am not too sure how often I will write and post. But I guess if you are wanting to stay in touch then maybe sign up for the updates. I will post before I leave with travel details and some more info about the residency.

Thank you all again for the support. I am so grateful to everyone and also grateful I get to call this passion of mine a job that is taking me to a land far far away from the "Byron bubble".

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