Modern Ritual

With Eleanor Amiradaki 

August 2018

@ the Byron School of Art Project Space 

Mullumbimby, Australia

“A huge amount of energy is wasted by modern people in opposing their own situation. Opposition is something like a short circuit: it also drains our energy away like a haemorrhage. To transform opposition into paradox is to allow both sides of an issue, both pairs of opposites to exist in equal dignity and worth” - Robert A. Johnson


Using rituals. mythology, psychology and pop culture Eleanor and Courtney create work from a very similar place with the end results showing the vastness of how we all interpret our internal and external worlds and create our own narratives. Amiradaki and Cook explore the concept of paradox and ritual being where an enquiry begins; can the oppositions we face in our daily personal lives and as a collective be restored to the realm of paradox? 

Artist Statement: 

During times of change, we often grasp on to that which is comfortable or familiar. Performing the same acts daily to bring consistency and routine to a period of time that is immersed with chaos. These are our modern day rituals.  


These paintings and drawings are in response to the void one encounters being in when experiencing uncertainties in life. These are uncertainties often brought on by extreme and deep personal life changes and inquiries. Through my daily rituals I have adapted over the last year, I started to truly witness the paradox that exists in the world. Transforming suffering into beauty. Seeing that which is not ours that we attach to and allow it to become part of us. This is represented in the fragments of cloth that are hanging and not part of the paintings yet without them the paintings wouldn’t exist as they are.


Making this work became my ritual. A ritual that allowed me to see myself  and others in a deeper and more intimate way. Allowing myself to feel through the discomfort until it revealed what was on the other side of it became a daily ritual. 


It has become part of my story. Part of my myth. All of it are not little fragments that will stay connected to me until they are ready to fall off.