Sorry, I'm Closed Today


September 2019

@ the Byron School of Art Project Space 

Mullumbimby, Australia

‘Sorry, I’m Closed today!’ references the multiple roles one plays throughout ones life. The memories that are easily grabbed onto and others that elude, some are altogether scrambled and imagery and installation become a mish-mash of present and fragmented thoughts and vignettes from ones life. The remnants mix with the valued equally to form a beautiful interior landscape.


In April 2019, I attended an artist residency in Häämenkyro, Finland at the Arteles Creative Centre. There I spent the time reflecting on the various roles I have played in my life. Time gifted me the noticing of the interweaving and layering of my memories and ideas. Seeing the paradox of everything being connected yet separate.  


Growing up in Palm Springs, California, instilled the imagery of palm trees and the ocean, while holidays in Hawaii and traveling with my father for his work echoed tourist palm paintings from motels in the 1980’s, now found in op-shops.  

I once had a floral and event design studio in Orange County and taught colour at Sydney Design School before becoming a mother in 2011. These multiple lives and roles are represented here in my use of found interior and domestic objects, which have been decontextualised and juxtaposed with paintings. The paintings have been layered and layered erasing memory and creating it simultaneously. All in all creating a narrative and story like a jumbled timeline, but all has a cohesiveness which is like the tapestry of life.