Courtney Cook is an emerging artist from the Northern Rivers originally from California. She is interested in our internal worlds and lives that are more often than not reflected in our outer worlds. As lover of the ocean and beach life, Courtney references these themes in her paintings which she describes as inner landscapes. Growing up in Palm Springs, California, instilled the imagery of palm trees along with travelling to Hawaii with her father for his work echoed tourist palm paintings from motels in the 1980’s, now found in op-shops.  

Prior to moving to Australia Courtney had a floral and event design studio in Orange County, California and taught colour at Sydney Design School before becoming a mother in 2011. These multiple lives and roles are represented in her work through  the use of found interior and domestic objects, which have been decontextualised and juxtaposed with paintings. The paintings have been layered and layered erasing memory and creating it simultaneously. All in all creating a narrative and story like a jumbled timeline, but all has a cohesiveness which is like the tapestry of life. 



Upon her arrival in Australia in 2008, she attended Sydney Design School where she received a Highly Commended Cert IV  in Interiors and another Highly Commended for Advanced Colour. Cook then went on to teach Colour and Colour Theory at Sydney Design School under the direction of Colour Exper Di Swinbourne before becoming a mother and relocating to the Byron Shire. After several years exploring other avenues to express her deep need to create, she decided to pick up a paint brush after years of not painting. This is where the journey home to painting began again. In 2015 after 3 years of exploring painting freely, Cook decided to attend the Byron School of Art in their 3 year Visual Arts course. She was awarded the  Northern Rivers Community Gallery BSA Graduate award of a solo show in the NRCG.