As an emerging artist, my practice is being built on navigating the spaces between. These are the non-physical spaces between two points in life. I am drawn to our vast internal worlds which are more often than not, reflected in our external lives. I believe we see these worlds in the moments of stillness and silence.  My work is process driven involving my daily life en route through the world. Colour, shape, shadow, form and the varying emotions of life embed themselves into my memory. These memories evolve into painterly thoughts, which wait to be responded to in the studio. Through the process of laying down material and intuitively placing colours upon colours, shapes and forms evolve and the work begins to take on a life of their own.   This process is often quick to start and then it eases into a slow, gentle and honest dialogue. In essence, I aim to open the viewer to the possibility of a transformation of their own internal worlds. I am not afraid to leave works in places of untidiness. A place that leaves the viewer and often myself wondering if it is finished or not. Reflecting this notion that nothing in life is ever finished and always evolving. Life is always informing us of something new and how we are all connected.

I was born and raised in Palm Springs, California. I have had a natural eye for composition and colour and the calling to create from birth. After attending university for photography, I started a successful flower studio at the age of 21 in Newport Beach California, three seas. I felt it was time to see a bit more of what was out there in life so decided to take a sabbatical from the business that has now turned into a forever absence of leave! Upon my arrival in Australia in 2008, I attended Sydney Design School where I received a Highly Commended Cert IV  in Interiors and another Highly Commended for Advanced Colour. I  then went on to teach Colour and Colour Theory at Sydney Design School before becoming a mother and relocating to the Byron Shire. After several years exploring other avenues to express my deep need to create, I decided to pick up a paint brush after years of not painting. This is where the journey home to painting began again. In 2015 after 3 years of exploring painting freely, I decided to attend the Byron School of Art in their 3 year Visual Arts course. I was awarded the  Northern Rivers Community Gallery BSA Graduate award of a solo show in the NRCG.